Liferay Portal

Portal Implementation and Consulting

We have implemented an enterprise portal using Liferay (Community and Enterprise edition) since 2010. Some of our clients are Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (IDIC: Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation), Bank BTPN, Bank BTPN Syariah, SKK Migas, Badan Pengawasan Keuangan dan Pembangunan (BPKP). We can help to migrate existing web application into enterprise portal technology or start a fresh enterprise portal project.

Single Sign-On Integration

with so many applications within an organization, it is crucial for better user experience to have a single sign-on where users do not need to be authenticated many times to access company-wide resources. We have helped our client to integrate enterprise portal and web application to have a web single sign-on, enhancing security and user experience across the organization.

Web Content Management

Our web content management solution helps business users to update content quickly without the need to have technical or programming skills.

Document Management

For organizations that deal with lots of documents, and need a solution to easily organize and manage the documents, we provide document management implementation where your documents can be managed end to end, from scanning, sorting, categorizing, indexing (for search), and securing access based on roles.

Portal Technical Training

We can speed up your technology team to adopt enterprise portal technology by providing a face to face training with our own syllabus.

Software Development

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development for Android and iOS, using native programming language (Java) and react native framework. We have developed portable mobile applications for PLN, and mobile application for stock trading application

Web Application Development
Web development with Enterprise Java and React native
Desktop Application Development

We have developed desktop application using Java for stock trading application

Business Intelligence

Dashboard implementation

Dashboard implementation with Tableau, Cognos, or D3 framework

Business Intelligence and Reporting

We have implemented business intelligence solution with IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos Implementation

IBM Cognos implementation for Chandra Asri